Holistic Wednesday

Holistic Wednesday

Holistic Wednesday:

Finding work-life balance the holistic way!

"Holistic Wednesday" is a unique offer created for companies. This is a holistic package for one month where employers will have for 4 weeks a holistic Wednesday 30-45 minutes to relax and learn something new for stress release and to adopt a work-life balance. Our daily schedules, our deadlines, our projects... All this can lead to stress and to a toxic approach towards work. This package is an opportunity for you to disconnect from the stress and from the chaos and reconnect with your true self learning how to handle stressful situations, challenges and emotions in an holistic way. When focused on our work schedule and our careers we often forgot to take a few moments to relax, to unwind and to reconnect with ourselves. But now, you have the chance to make it happen with your Holistic Wednesday!

The best thing about Holistic Wednesday is that you have this designed day of the week to work on holistic practices and that, after that, you will have the tools you need to apply them into your everyday life. You will recognize when you need a break as you are going to learn how to listen to your body and your mind, you will have the ability to spend a few moments detaching yourself from any situation with the power of your breath and you will embark on a beautiful journey embracing a healthier lifestyle helping you feel better and live better!

Holistic Wednesday: The structure

Each Wednesday you are going to explore different disciplines and practices so you can make them on-the-go tools for you to learn more about your true self while finding relaxation and awareness in both your body and mind embracing a work-life balance so much needed to live happily

On one Wednesday it's a yoga class: yoga is an amazing discipline able to help you release any tension in your body stretching it out after your work day and hours seated on a desk and gathering stress and muscular tension while focusing on reconnecting with your breath. Yoga is all this, and so much more! It’s great to stay active in a gentle caring way

On the second Wednesday you will practice some breathing techniques: wonderful to teach you how to breathe into any sensation, emotion and thought and handling situations truly anchored in the present moment. Breathing techniques will be great tools anytime, anywhere, a must to find work-life balance and avoid any overwhelming feelings over your career.

On the third Wednesday you will have the opportunity to explore the incredible practice of mediation: meditation is a moment for you to unwind and relax. You will learn how to press the pause button and spend some moment in stillness handling any emotion, any thought with a mindful approach. You won’t be stressed out from the past or scared from the future. You will be all about the present moment, here and now, treasuring each moment and making the most of it.

On the fourth Wednesday you will learn about a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle all about healthy choices, healthy habits and a positive approach towards your body and yourself in general. The choices you make in your everyday life count and you will have great inputs and inspirations on how to live your days in a brand new way, practising love, respect and awareness towards your body. You will learn all about healthy food, healthy practices and how to be consistent with this new way of living!

Wellness Wednesday is here to change your life! Yes, there will always be stress but you will know how to handle it and you will find your balance in the chaos! Subscribe to this 4 weeks program and you will take the very first step into a life changing reality for you, your life and your career!

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