Team building event Online

Team building event Online

24,00 €

Virtual Team Building Event

We'll start with a beautiful 40-minute yoga session. All levels are welcome.

After the yoga class, we will have a wonderful brunch.

Please note: you will prepare the brunch before the call. I will send you some recipes for you to choose.

After the yoga class, we can all sit together for brunch and start the holistic session. You may prepare your preferred dish as well.

During the Holistic Brunch, I'll give practical tips for how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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🥗 Holistic Brunc

Topic: 8 food rules and how you can improve your health with one habit that you apply 10 minutes a day.


🥗 Holistic Brunch

Topic: 3 Food rules and breath-work

Learn three breathing techniques: Coffee, Water and Whisky breathing that you can apply in your daily life in different situations.

I can customise and organize 45 or 60-minute sessions.

See you on your mats!

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